Jordan Baker's Personal Bio

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Improv at the Upfront Theater in Bellingham, WA

My wife gave me a gift certificate for an improv class at the Upfront Theater in Bellingham as a birthday gift. I almost had a panic attack and asked if I could cash it in (of course she said no to that idea) so I reluctantly went to my first class. To my surprise, I started to meet a bunch of super supportive people, and that made me want to dive in deeper to the world of improv. I started taking all the classes I could but not really having any ideas of performing in front of an audience. Before I knew it, I was auditioning for a satellite group which basically finds people to perform on the "main stage" at the Upfront Theater. I was chosen and the rest is history. I’ve been performing on the main stage for about eight months and loving it. I don’t want to become a comedian, this is something I enjoy and has become a fun hobby.


Science is AWESOME!

I have a friend from high school – Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff who was approached about doing a radio show (podcast) to make science relatable to the non-science crowd.  She then roped me into basically helping “explore stories of human curiosity” as it relates to science. 

I love the Spark Science show because I get to geek out on really cool science discussions and meet some amazing people in the science field.